Dead of Wynter by Montana Fyre (epub)

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Dead of Wynter by Montana Fyre (epub) Frost Industries Book 2

I’ve been underestimated my whole life.
It’s just how it is when you grow up a mafia princess. I’ve never really cared before, always happy to play my role within the family.

But when our enemy hits us where it hurts, the queen who lay dormant demands to be set free.
I want revenge for what they’ve done to our family, and nothing can stand in my way.
The only complication, my brothers best friend who took my innocence and disappeared eight years ago.
He’s back, and even after all these years, he sets by body on fire.

I can’t allow myself to trust him, not when my world is being torn apart before my eyes.
But, Everett has always been the only one to bring me peace, and that’s exactly what I need when we’re in the middle of a chaos.
Can I forgive him for breaking my heart? Or will our love be just another casualty of war?

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