Death and the Last Vampire by Holly Roberds (epub)


Death and the Last Vampire by Holly Roberds (epub)
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Holly Roberds
June 29, 2023
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Death and the Last Vampire by Holly Roberds (epub)

Life as a newly made vampire? Complicated. Being the target of Death himself? Outright bonkers.

I woke up with fangs, a thirst for blood, and no memories of my past. To add to my confusion, the Grim Reaper is inexplicably hell-bent on ending me. Who would’ve thought that the God of the Dead would wear designer suits and ooze power and danger like a mob boss straight from the underworld?

Vampires have been extinct for five thousand years. But it seems the memo didn’t quite reach my maker.

Now, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Lethal plans to use me as bait to catch the reckless bloodsucker who turned me. But I’ve got other plans—I’m desperately trying to uncover the fragments of my identity.

If we want to hunt down the immortal responsible for upsetting the balance, the God of the Dead and I are going to have to work together.

As we navigate the underbelly of Las Vegas, a city pulsating with secrets, it becomes evident that it’s not just poker chips and slot machines that keep it running. It’s Immortals who traded desert sands for casino sands and hieroglyphs for neon lights. Amidst all this, a powerful tension kindles between Death and me, threatening to fracture his millennia-old walls of solitude.

If I’m not careful, I may just die…again.

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