Defiant Mate by D.M. Mortier (epub)

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Defiant Mate by D.M. Mortier (epub) Lethal Legacy Vampire Series

Ever since I can remember my life has been controlled and restricted by the men in my family. Betrayed by the one I trusted most and shackled by insurmountable consequences; I was forced into marriage to a man that I didn’t even meet on my wedding day. No girl ever dreams of marrying by proxy. But that was the least of my new husband’s transgressions. No longer trapped by the constraints of my powerful mafia family and blessed with an absentee husband, it turned out that this marriage might not have been what I wanted, but it was exactly what I needed.

I had accepted that lethal predators like me don’t get to experience true happiness, much less true love. But then, my older brother, a predator like me, found his fated-mate after waiting over four hundred years to find her. Perhaps, there was hope for me yet.

Given the hand that fate had already dealt us, it was inconceivable that my family would force me into a marriage that was useless to a being like me. When I finally found my mate, I came to the realisation that my forced marriage may not have been what I wanted, but it was everything that I needed.

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