Defy the Future by Keira Andrews (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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Defy the Future by Keira Andrews (Epub PDF Audiobook) Kick at the Darkness Book 3)

In a world still haunted by the zombie-like infected, Adam and Parker find solace in the safety of their newly established pack.

Having constructed a community alongside other survivors, they’ve forged a semblance of peace in a world marred by the remnants of the infected. Their haven, however, is abruptly shattered, thrusting Adam and Parker into the fray once again.

Now faced with the question of how far they’ll go for family and each other, the duo must confront the challenges that threaten to unravel the security they’ve built.

“Defy the Future” unfolds as a sizzling romance crafted by Keira Andrews, weaving together themes of werewolves, found family, and the promise of a happy ending amidst the perils of a post-apocalyptic world.

Download Defy the Future by Keira Andrews in Epub, PDF, and Audiobook below.

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