Deserving Maddie by Elizabella Baker (epub)

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Deserving Maddie by Elizabella Baker (epub) Bravo Team Book 7

Texas was supposed to be Maddie’s fresh start. A chance to move on from the sins of her dead husband and give her kids a better life. What she didn’t have time for was another man. Certainly not the sexy nerd she allowed herself to get lost in one evening.

Hot, irresistible, and almost a decade younger. Ray was a recipe for disaster. The best thing she could do was stay away. But that’s hard to do in a small town.

Devoted to his career as a technical analyst for a security team, Ray Thomas preferred his endless one-night stands. Marriage and kids just weren’t for him. Until Maddie Robinson. Now he wanted something more.

Convincing the single mother to take a chance on him? That was going to be a challenge. Especially when the dangers of his job start bleeding into her life.

With everything on the line, Ray will prove that he’s deserving of her trust and protect her from an unsuspected threat.

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