Desired by the Hunter by Lynnea Lee (epub)


Desired by the Hunter by Lynnea Lee (epub)
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Lynnea Lee
June 29, 2023
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Desired by the Hunter by Lynnea Lee (epub)

I should never have slept with Haax’l.

The grumpy alien warrior claims he doesn’t want a mate, but now he’s glaring at me and acting super possessive. All while telling me he’s not interested.

Argh! Talk about mixed messages!

Well, he and his magnificently muscled butt, regal horns, and chiseled jaw can go take a hike, because I’m looking for a warrior who knows what he wants: me. And when I find him, I’m never letting go.

Now if only Haax’l will stop scaring everyone away.

When I first arrived on Earth, finding a compatible female was my priority.

But now, I’ll do anything to avoid a mate bond.

Females only make hunters weaker; I know this for a fact. Too bad my body had its own ideas.

I long to wrap my arms around Aanya and never let go, but that is exactly what I’m trying to avoid, so I warn her off with gruff words and a mean growl.

Even though I know deep down that Aanya is MINE, and I will never let her go!

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