Devil’s Own by K.M. Neuhold (epub)

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Devil’s Own by K.M. Neuhold (epub) Palm Island Book 6

There’s nothing Devil loves more than giving Angel whatever he wants, especially when it’s what he wants too. The only question is… Does Raven want them?

Of course, I’ve noticed Angel and Devil noticing me. I’ve felt their eyes and the deep pulse of their heated wanting. I’ve also seen plenty of men coming and going from their house all summer long, year after year, and I don’t want to be one in a long line.

The energy of Palm Island is so strong, it’s hard not to get swept up in it sometimes. Temporary lust, the hedonistic thrill of excess… I’m only human after all. But something stops me every time I want to give in and let go.

I’ve managed to avoid getting too close to Angel and Devil… until now. Months of endless, heated dreams and the long, lonely slog of the winter are threatening to break my resolve. And all the tarot cards and tea leaves in the world couldn’t prepare me for what they’re really like.

What if all the three-ways are just because they’re desperately searching for something? What if soulmates can come in thirds? What if I let go and see what happens?

Just because I play the part of a psychic, doesn’t mean I know a damn thing about relationships or how we’re going to make this one work.

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