Double Edge by Nikolai Andrew FREE (epub)


Double Edge by Nikolai Andrew FREE (epub)
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Nikolai Andrew
May 30, 2023
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Double Edge by Nikolai Andrew FREE (epub) Brothers of Corruption Book 1

In a world of vice and violence, the Leos brothers know how to share their playthings.

Growing up in the shadow of their gangster father and his twisted cronies, Darius and Quinn Leos learned to rely solely on each other. But when they meet Erin Sarvason, a beautiful and naïve teaching assistant with her own hidden desires, the Leos brothers find themselves driven by a dark obsession that could shatter their bond and everything they thought they knew about family.
As Erin’s light twists with their darkness, the lines between fantasy and reality blur, rules are broken, blood is spilled and their new world teeters on the edge of ruin.
But a gang war is looming, and fate has made Erin a valuable commodity. Will the Leos brothers save her to protect her life, or will they take her for themselves? To make her deepest desires a reality, something has to give, and in a world where loyalty is fleeting and love is dangerous, the price of pleasure might just be their souls.

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