Dragon’s Ice by Marion Artwood FREE (epub, PDF)


Dragon's Ice by Marion Artwood FREE
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Marion Artwood
May 22, 2023
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Dragon’s Ice by Marion Artwood FREE

After a terrible accident, Freya wakes up in a new world with the ability to wield ice magic. She doesn’t remember her real name or know how to return home. What she does know is how to get in trouble…

Saved by a mysterious stranger, she finds herself in a new reality with mages, swords, knights, and dragons, where she has to survive and find a way back home.

Easier said than done. Freya manages to offend the Crown Prince, creates more enemies than she can count and pays attention to the wrong knight at a tournament without knowing his true identity.

Enrolled into the Royal Academy of Magical Arts, she discovers that the Crown Prince and the Dark Knight are also there, with their own agenda and plans for her.

But can fire melt a heart of ice? And can an ice mage bring peace to a dragon from hell?

Dragons of the Ruptures series:

Book I: Dragon’s Ice

Book II: The Emerald Seer

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