Dragon’s Stand by Nora Phoenix (epub)

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Dragon’s Stand by Nora Phoenix (epub) Irresistible Dragons Book 5

Fallon never wanted a fated mate. Now he has two.

Dragon omega Fallon is recovering from the abuse he endured in his previous clan, and he’s grateful for the friendship he’s building with his roommates, beta Duer and pregnant omega Yitro.

When Duer announces he thinks they’re fated mates, Fallon is furious. He doesn’t want fated mates. He wants to be able to make his own choices.

It’s hard for him to deny the truth, however, and slowly but surely, the three of them develop a close bond. But Yitro is about to give birth, Duer is troubled by his past, and Fallon is getting impatient.

And then their enemies show up, and it’s time to take a stand.

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