Drown in You by T.J. Hamel (epub)

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Drown in You by T.J. Hamel (epub) Monstrous Survivors Book 1

Jake is doing the best he can.

He’s going on 10 years working an undercover sex trafficking operation that has forced him to rub elbows with the filth of the world – and smile while doing it. He’s good at his job, though. Especially the part where he keeps his boss’s head on straight. Even when that boss decided to risk everything by falling for one of the slaves they were tasked with saving.
He’s exasperated and running on fumes. And then his boss asks him to save his love’s new friend, Casey, by buying the slave for himself. What could possibly go wrong?
Nothing, if Jake can help it.
He certainly won’t make his boss’s mistake of falling in love with the man he’s tasked with saving. Except… Jake’s a daddy who hasn’t been able to actually be a daddy in far too long, and Casey pushes all of his buttons in the best, most dangerous ways. Add in some forced proximity, Casey trusting him above all others, a stuffed dolphin, bubble baths, and late-night cuddles, and Jake has a feeling he might not be able to help it after all.

Jake has a feeling he’s doomed.

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