Embers by Alice T Boone (ePub & PDF)


Embers by Alice T Boone (ePub & PDF)
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Alice T Boone
April 2, 2023
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Embers by Alice T Boone (ePub & PDF)

I’ve ruined everything. I know you hate me, but I can’t stop until you’re safe.


I screwed up.

I screwed everything up again, Ellie.

I’ve spent three years trying to fix this. I gave up everything because when we finally met again, I wanted to be someone who deserved to breathe the same air as you, but I ruined even that. This world ruined that.

He was going to force you to marry him. He was going to force you to do awful things, was going to take away your spark, and I wasn’t going to sit there and let it happen. But when my hands are covered in blood, you’re the only one I can turn to. You’re the only person who can help.

We’ve done something awful.

And when I know you’re in danger, there’s nothing that’ll stop me from keeping you safe.

I’ve got money stashed away, Ellie. And if we can make it to the safehouse alive, every last dime is yours. It always has been, and this final car ride is my last chance to prove it to you. It’s always been you, Ellie. And no matter how much you hate me, it always will be.


I just wanted a quiet life.

I just wanted to live in peace, away from the carnage that followed my father. I spent three years trying to keep my head down and one night, you ruined it. When you asked for my help, asked me to do something disgusting, I couldn’t say no to you. I couldn’t let you die, and it’s cost me everything.

My home.

My friends.

My sanity.

You took everything, John. The biggest mistake I’ve ever made was helping you, and a single car ride isn’t going to be enough to fix this. These pieces will never fit back together, and all I want is to get away. I want my money, I want my freedom, and I want to never hear the name Johnathan Slater again.

But how the hell am I supposed to sit next to you and pretend none of it was real?

How am I supposed to sit here and pretend that I didn’t love you with all of my heart?

How am I supposed to pretend I don’t hate you with every inch of my being?

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