Enchanting The CEO by Layla Hagen (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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Enchanting The CEO by Layla Hagen (Epub PDF Audiobook) The Whitley Brothers

She’s a white-picket-fence kind of girl, and I’m all about keeping things casual. My first mistake? Offering her a room in my place.

I’ve got a soft spot for helping people down on their luck, and when Diane needed a place to stay, my empty attic seemed like the perfect solution. How hard could it be to have a temporary roommate? Turns out, very hard.

Living with her is becoming physically impossible. Every time she strolls through the living room, I can’t help but want her. Her sassy comebacks have me daydreaming about kissing that mouth until she begs for more. The catch? She’s my employee’s sister, a line I shouldn’t cross… or should I?

Initially wary about accepting Gabe’s offer, considering he’s my sister’s boss, I quickly realize he’s the best. Generous, fun, and undeniably attractive. One night, after a city dinner, he walks me to my door, and I manage to stumble, rip my dress, and flash him a bit more than I intended. A total disaster, or so I think.

Surprisingly, Gabe responds with the hottest kiss of my life – toe-curling, sparks-flying, panty-melting hot. Despite just going through a brutal breakup, I can’t resist his charms. However, I’m hesitant to involve myself with Gabe, not wanting to embarrass my sister and aware that we want different things in life.

Just this once, though, the desire to throw caution to the wind and succumb to the irresistible pull between us is almost too tempting to resist.

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