Enrico by C.M. Steele (epub) FREE

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Enrico by C.M. Steele (epub) FREE The Conti Crime Family Book 3

She wasn’t supposed to be on my radar. Another woman who was caught up in the traffickers’ sights, but one look at January and I’d become as lost as Dario and Alessio before me. I had no choice but to hunt her down and make her mine, even if that meant doing some illegal things. Nothing new to me anyway.

The brute. I spotted him and knew he was trouble, but deep down, I hadn’t expected to crave his crazy. Trying to flee a dangerous situation, I jumped right into another. The brute had me captive, and I had no choice but to trust him because someone was after me. I desired his insanity even as I pushed him to get away. Should I flee and risk running into danger, or should I stay and endanger my heart and soul?

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