Enticing the Earl: Regency Romance by Daphne Quinn (epub)


Enticing the Earl: Regency Romance by Daphne Quinn (epub)
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Daphne Quinn
April 15, 2023
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Enticing the Earl: Regency Romance by Daphne Quinn (epub)

This wallflower would rather face highwaymen than another failed season…

Which is why she isn’t too worried when their carriage is held up on the way to a house party. Thieves are easier after all. When they ask a woman for her jewels, a girl doesn’t have to speak, she just hands them over. Easy.

The ensuing house party, however, is a nightmare from start to finish. First, she manages to trip and fall and land in a heap at the Earl of Stourton’s feet. And then the man has the audacity to laugh. And despite the fact that he’s annoyingly handsome, his behaviour is so atrocious that for the first time in her life, her tongue unties long enough for her to tell him exactly what she thinks of him.

She’d like to wash her hands of the man, but fate has other plans. Lord Stourton gets tangled in her life at the same moment trouble lands at his door. And the highwaymen she thought so easy… turns out one of them is going to change her life forever…

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