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Everette by Ruth Cardello (epub) The Barrington Billionaires Book 13

Driverton’s sweetest man is on a mission to become a hero.

After graduating from “Bradford’s School for Sobriety and Success,” AKA months of military style, intense physical and mental training, Everette Morin is saving lives. Joining forces with both Bradford Wilson and Cooper Landon, Everette is locating, retrieving, and returning missing children.

Shelby Adams is reeling from the loss of her parents and a breakup with someone who’d promised to always be there for: she’s hit rock bottom.

She’s not looking for a man—not even a big, strong one with an amazing smile and the ability to make her laugh.

It’ll take the whole Driverton crew to lift her up, turn her life around, and show her that sometimes even heroes need saving.

Download Everette by Ruth Cardello free in epub and pdf for all devices.

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