Every Duke Has His Price by Emily E.K. Murdoch (epub)

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Every Duke Has His Price by Emily E.K. Murdoch (epub) Dukes in Danger Book 5

Hugh Shardlow, Duke of Martock, is a Duke down on his luck, and determined not to get tangled into any other danger. That’s why he’s accosting this young woman in the middle of nowhere, France, in the middle of the night.
He’d only come to France to drink, gamble, and escape the terrors of England. Even with his father dead and buried, the place held nothing but darkness for him…until his money ran out.
Which is why the brightness of this mad Englishwoman, searching the French armies for her supposedly prisoner-of-war brother, is an absolute nonsense.

Nice young ladies don’t march into French encampments. They don’t meander into French inns and accost the locals asking after her brother. And they certainly don’t make bargains with strange penniless desperate Englishmen. But Beth Mead has never been one for Society’s expectations, nor keeping them. And so a deal is struck: Hugh will help Beth find her missing soldier brother, and she’ll pay his passage back to England.
Both think they’ve got the better bargain, but you can’t put a price on trust—and as secrets and lies intermingle with hopes and expectations, Beth and Hugh swiftly discover that to protect themselves, they may have to betray the other…

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