Expecting in Oceans by Ashe Moon (epub) FREE

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Expecting in Oceans by Ashe Moon (epub) FREE Dragon Firefighters Book 10

A raucous sea dragon festival, one too many drinks, and a roaring beach bonfire are ingredients for trouble, just like misunderstandings and dueling personalities can lead to an unplanned, flash-in-the-pan affair—especially when dragon magic is involved.

When omega Istil gets too close to the flames, he’s swept off his feet by Ari, the frustratingly handsome alpha healer with whom he always seems to clash. Their accidental tryst should have marked the start and finish of their intimate relationship, but when a medical crisis puts Istil back under Ari’s watch, the alpha dragon’s keen senses detect a surprise neither of them is ready for: Istil is expecting, and there’s only one possible daddy.

Expecting in Oceans is the tenth book of the Dragon Firefighters mpreg series. It expands on the characters and story introduced in the previous books, and while it can be enjoyed as a standalone, it is recommended you read the others first.
This book features: An accidental pregnancy, a prickly alpha doctor, a playful and strong-willed omega, islander sea dragons, a trial relationship, nesting and birth, family and friendship, returning characters, a unique industrial fantasy setting, and as always, a satisfying happily ever after!

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