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Exposed by Brynne Asher (epub) (The Agents)

From USA Today Bestselling Author Brynne Asher…

One day, I was chugging along at life as a wedding planner. The next, I’m a confidential informant and fake engaged to the grumpiest DEA agent on earth.

Hit the brakes. Let’s back up.

You know those sappy made-for-TV movies where the leading lady gets the unsuspecting knock on the door and is the beneficiary of a massive inheritance?

That’s me. I’m that heroine.

My name is Goldie Carter, and inheriting The Pink—one of the most historic and grandest estates in Miami—would be a dream come true for any gal, but especially me.

I’m a true romantic. I believe in soul-wrenching love so deep, to have it ripped away would physically hurt.

But I’m still waiting for my prince charming.

And life isn’t so golden at the moment.

Money, greed, and cartels have a way of forcing love to the backburner when a surprise half-brother rears his ugly head.

Enter Kingston Jennings, Special Agent for the DEA—and quite possibly the crankiest man I’ve ever met.

That’s how I got to where I am right now.

Fake engaged.

And falling in love.

Little did I know, I don’t need a prince charming.

I need a King.

Exposed by Brynne Asher in epub below.

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