Failure to Match by Kyra Parsi (epub)

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Failure to Match by Kyra Parsi (epub) Bad Billionaire Bosses Book 2

He’s the arrogant, grumpy billionaire bane of my existence… and now I’m his full-time, live-in dating coach.
I’ve never failed to match a client—until him.
Jackson Sinclair has dragged me through eight months of matchmaking hell, and I have the carnage of broken hearts to prove it.

But I refuse to get fired from my dream job because of some infuriatingly gorgeous billionaire and his absurd criteria for a wife.
The plan is simple.

All I have to do is infiltrate his penthouse, pretend to be his blind date, and figure out what the actual f*ck his actual f*cking problem is.

It’ll be fine. He doesn’t know what I look like.
Except I nearly drown in Satan-clair’s massive pool, he figures out who I am, and now I’m forcibly glued to his side for the next 30 days.

It’s a nightmare, until it’s not.
I hate him, until I discover everything he’s been hiding.
We fight, until the tension boils over into sizzling temptation.
Jackson Sinclair may not believe in soulmates, and he may not believe in love, but little does he know, he’s finally met his match…

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