Fake Fiancé Rockstar by GiGi Reine FREE (epub, PDF)


Fake Fiancé Rockstar by GiGi Reine FREE
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GiGi Reine
May 26, 2023
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Fake Fiancé Rockstar by GiGi Reine epub pdf FREE

Being harassed at the hotel…led me to call my childhood best friend my fiancé. He doesn’t have a clue. Now the paparazzi are on us like glue. Being the manager at a Vegas hotel has its perks when your Rockstar best friend comes to town. But fame has a negative side that blows up in our faces.

I have secret dreams about him. I gaze into his green eyes and run my fingers through his dark hair down to his muscular tattoo-sleeved arms.

A game of truth or dare…makes the fake way more real.
His bold green eyes told me how badly he wants me. My body trembles as he caresses parts of me, he never touched before. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas or so I’m told.

Our friends-to-lovers relationship could be in jeopardy.
But our secret…will get out. There will be a tiny new member of the band with little hands and a set of lungs.

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