Fall Into You by Caroline Frank FREE (epub)


Fall Into You by Caroline Frank FREE (epub)
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Caroline Frank
May 30, 2023
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Fall Into You by Caroline Frank FREE (epub)

What happens when a family-oriented woman falls in love with her brother’s best friend: a sweet, recovering ladies’ man her family doesn’t approve of? I’ve always loved being part of my family. We’re Italian, which, by definition, means that we’re completely in each other’s business and sticklers for tradition. But when Matt, my brother’s sexy best friend from college, comes back into our lives looking hotter and acting sweeter than ever, my family’s involvement really starts getting on my nerves.

I pretty much fall for Matt from day one, so when my brother draws a firm line in the sand and forbids us from dating, it really becomes a problem for me. Being with Matt is the first thing that’s made me happy since my dad’s passing and I’m not going to let my brother stand in the way of that.
I guess we’ll just have to keep things a secret…

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