Falling for the Bachelor by Amy Alves FREE (epub, PDF)


Falling for the Bachelor by Amy Alves FREE
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Amy Alves
May 26, 2023
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Falling for the Bachelor by Amy Alves FREE in pdf and epub Vaughn Brothers Book 1

I’m cursed. Unlucky in love. So pretending to fall in love with my best friend’s sister couldn’t possibly make it worse.
My avoidance of relationships has two neighboring towns joining forces to find me a girlfriend—one I don’t want.
So when they name me the bachelor in their charity dating show, I have two options: suffer the consequences of bailing or accept help from my best friend’s little sister.
I chose the latter.
Because Olivia Vaughn has a plan.
She suggests a ringer—someone on the inside…someone I trust, that I can choose at the end of the show.
A fake contestant.
It’s crazy. Risky. And undeniably tempting.
We’d have to touch, flirt, kiss.
I could pull her close…that long, auburn hair wrapped up in my fist as I whisper all the dirty thoughts I’ve ever had about her.
Pretending to fall for her may be more dangerous than letting our meddlesome town play matchmaker.
Because if this backfires, it might cost me my best friend, disappoint our families, and reignite feelings for the feisty, hazel-eyed beauty I grew up with.
So while I can’t—shouldn’t—pretend to fall in love with Olivia, I do.
With the hope that fake girlfriends are curse-proof.

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