Falling with Folded Wings 3 by Plum Parrot (epub)


Falling with Folded Wings 3 by Plum Parrot (epub)
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Plum Parrot
June 27, 2023
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Falling with Folded Wings 3 by Plum Parrot (epub)

A group of humans transported to a new reality must fight for their survival—and that of their loved ones—in the third book of this fantasy adventure.

On the planet of Fanwath survival depends on the skills, levels, and powers one attains through combat or exploration. Unfortunately, Morgan, Bronwyn, and Olivia aren’t on Fanwath anymore. In fact, they don’t know where the hell they are, but one thing’s for certain: they’re in constant danger.

Pulled through one portal after another, the trio has found themselves in a seemingly endless dungeon contending with a menagerie of horrors. But the more challenges they face, the more powerful they become—even to the point of transforming their physical beings. And their newfound talents are going to be sorely needed . . .

Because while Morgan is away, his mate, Issa, back in First Landing, learns she’s carrying twins. Overjoyed, she can’t wait for Morgan to return. But Issa’s joy will soon turn to dread, as a mighty enemy fleet approaches First Landing with the aim of “recruiting” its citizens for their evil machinations. Can Morgan and his friends make their way home in time to prevent their worst nightmares from coming true?

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