Fates Entwined by Elizabeth Briggs (epub)

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Fates Entwined by Elizabeth Briggs (epub) Zodiac Wolves Book 5

Continue the Zodiac Wolves series with this collection of brand new stories about all the characters you’ve grown to love, including an extended epilogue for Ayla and Kaden!

This collection includes the following stories:

Fire Mated: After Stella is mated to her worst enemy—the Leo alpha, Jordan—she rejects him. But the stars won’t let her escape her fate so easily…and neither will Jordan.

Water Fated: When single mom Mira is snowed in with Wesley, alpha of the Cancer pack, their mate bond flares to life. But she’s already lost one mate—can she open her heart to another?

Air Kissed: Larkin has been in love with the Libra alpha, Ethan, for years, but he’s never seen her as more than a friend—until now. But she only has until the full moon to convince him they’re meant to be.

Earth Blessed: When Madison, the Virgo alpha, is mated to the vampire Killian, their love threatens to disrupt the fragile alliance between shifters and vampires, especially when a new danger emerges from his past.

Fates Entwined: A bonus epilogue about Ayla and Kaden! The Ophiuchus pack is hosting the Convergence for the first time, but Ayla and Kaden will need the help of all their friends and family to pull it off!

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