Felix and the Spy by P.S. Scott (epub)

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Felix and the Spy by P.S. Scott (epub) Scions of the Underworld Book 4

Bridgerton meets You’ve Got Mail in this spicy age gap fantasy romance novella that tells the story of a feisty spy and her gentle boss who share a secret pen friend relationship.

Felix, the head of the Inferno’s secret service, has been lonely since his wife’s death. Intrigued by a new pen friends program, he begins corresponding with a mysterious war widow. Through the letters they share, he develops a deep bond with her. But when she asks to meet, Felix is in for a huge surprise.
Amara hasn’t been the same since her mother’s death. Crumbling under the shadow of grief, she has become volatile and withdrawn. So, when Mr. Garrett, a lonely widower begins writing to her, she finds solace in a kindred soul. With every letter, she opens up more and more. Until she discovers that Mr. Garrett is Felix, her boss.
Struggling to maintain a professional relationship amidst their growing attraction, Felix and Amara embark on a secret love affair. But as they spend more time together, they realize that love sometimes blooms in the darkest and most unexpected places.

Filled with steam, angst, and emotion, Felix and the Spy is an age gap romance that explores themes of grief, healing, and the mysterious nature of human connection.

Note: This book is set in a fantasy world and features characters from all the previous books. It is highly recommended that you read the rest of the series before starting this one.

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