Filthy Messages by LoveBite Shorts (epub)

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Filthy Messages by LoveBite Shorts (epub)


When I receive a rude text message, I do what I always do, threaten first and think later. No one speaks to me with disrespect. It soon became clear the stranger had the wrong number. After exchanging some interesting text messages with her, I decide to hunt her down. She isn’t at all what I expected. My little nerd knows nothing about my criminal lifestyle, but it won’t stop me from claiming her.


Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person in your contacts? Or got the number wrong? There is usually a ‘who is this?’ conversation. Not ‘I’m going to hunt you down and slice your balls off’ from someone who needs deep therapy sessions. This was the beginning of a strange and sexy textual relationship—until he hunts me down.

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