Final Score by Lisa Suzanne (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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Final Score by Lisa Suzanne (Epub PDF Audiobook) Vegas Aces: The Coach Book 5

Discovering the secrets he has harbored for two decades from a source other than him is a devastating blow. The trust we once shared feels irreparably fractured, and I grapple with the overwhelming uncertainty of whether I can ever trust him again.

Yet, amid the wreckage of our connection, I harbor a secret of my own—an undisclosed truth that he deserves to know. As I navigate the aftermath of what seems like a final reckoning, I question if our narrative, once thought to conclude in a tie where both of us lost, might still hold the potential for a glimmer of hope. Perhaps there’s a chance to extend the game, to put a little more time on the clock and see if we can salvage something from the wreckage of our shared past. The ultimate betrayal shattered the foundation of our relationship.

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