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Fixate by K E Osborn (epub) The NOLA Defiance MC Book 7

She’s a part of me.
Even though I don’t know her name.
The woman I’ve been exchanging letters with and developed feelings for over the past six years.
But I can’t help feeling torn in two when I’m suddenly pulled toward another. Maxxy, the club’s horticulturalist, is strong and sassy, giving me so much lip the aggravation is exasperating.
She infuriates me.
She ignites me.
The problem is—the woman illuminates me.
But what about my pen pal?
When old rivals of the club surface and an attack becomes life-threatening, a chance meeting could escalate tensions.
Though it’s not the club’s only problem, a blast from Maxxy’s past could jeopardize a new alliance—and Maxxy’s right in the firing line.
There’s something I’m missing. It’s right in front of me.
Can I solve the puzzle before I lose everything?

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