Flawless Harmony by Connie Lafortune (epub)

Flawless Harmony by Connie Lafortune (epub)
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Connie Lafortune

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Flawless Harmony by Connie Lafortune (epub) Flawless Series Rebel Riot Book 2

As the newbie bass player for one of the hottest heavy metal bands in the country, there was no room in my life for distractions. But one look at the smoking hot photographer had me ready to risk it all.
I’ve been down and out, and never want to sink that low again. Music was my only way out. To stay on the right path, I have to focus. Yet that is harder than it sounds when in the dark recesses of my mind.

I have a secret.
Harmony was hired as the photographer for our Flawless Melody tour, and she misses nothing. It doesn’t take long for her to realize we aren’t the tight-knit group we appear on stage. The distance between my bandmates and me works in my favor. But I’m beginning to fear she’ll figure out…

I have a secret.
With my body aching to touch her, I long to be the man she needs. Still, my hidden truth holds me back. How long can I hide the scars of a past that haunt me when she sees everything through the lens of her camera? There’s no way to stop it. Sooner or later Harmony will learn…
I have a secret.

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