Flirting with Sunshine by J. Sterling (epub)

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Flirting with Sunshine by J. Sterling (epub) Fun For the Holidays

Bestselling author J. Sterling takes you to the East Coast in this Grumpy / Sunshine romance that you’re going to adore!

After finding out that her husband was cheating on her, Ava Starling packed her things and never looked back. She always planned on coming home to run her family’s seafood restaurant, but she never expected that she’d be doing it alone. Ava was finally in a good place; healing, no longer angry, peaceful and content.
At least that’s what she told herself.

Until a grumpy fisherman showed up out of nowhere like an unexpected storm.
Tony Garcia had been running… from his past, from his future, from himself. When he settled in Port Rufton, the last thing he expected was someone like Ava. He’d closed himself off from everyone, convinced that he was better off alone. He tried his best to keep her at arms length, but women like Ava refused to be ignored.
Can he have a future with someone new when he’s still stuck in the past?

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