Forbidden by the Bratva by Lexi Asher (epub)


Forbidden by the Bratva by Lexi Asher (epub)
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Lexi Asher
June 28, 2023
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Forbidden by the Bratva by Lexi Asher (epub) Morozov Bratva Book 5

Daddy’s best friend just kidnapped me and locked me into his mafia mansion.
I was strolling along the sidewalk when he took me and put me on his private jet.
And now I’m stuck between his four walls, feeling his eyes on me constantly.
Anything between us is strictly forbidden. But slowly, the tension is becoming unbearable…
He says he brought me here “for my protection”.

He says the streets are too dangerous for me, but I’m not fooled.
This Bratva mansion is much more dangerous than whatever is lurking outside.
Because here, inside, he does things to me that no one can ever know about.
He’s my dad’s best friend and my best friend’s father.

He’s much too old for me, but my curves crave his forbidden touch.
My body reacts to his proximity even though I don’t want it to.
I’m ashamed of myself, of what he reduces me to.
What will daddy say when he finds out?

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