Forbidden Game by Susan Renee (epub) FREE

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Forbidden Game by Susan Renee (epub) FREE Chicago Red Tails Book 4

I’m falling for my best friend’s sister and at some point, I’m going to need the whole world to know it.

I think I’m screwed.


Why, you ask?

Because when one of the first warnings you get after joining the Chicago Red Tails hockey team is to never even think about touching Dex Foster’s sister, you abide by your teammate’s wishes.

You do not find her adorably attractive.
You do not befriend her.
You certainly do not kiss her,
And for the love of hockey, you Do. Not. Sleep. With. Her.

See where I’m going with this?
Oh…I forgot to mention Dex Foster is my best friend.
Like I said…screwed.

I’d love to say it was just once and once is enough but it’s not even close. Somewhere along the line I convinced myself what Dex doesn’t know won’t hurt him because I’m addicted to Rory Foster. I can’t get enough of her and now I’m stuck in this ridiculous friends-with-benefits arrangement I never wanted but agreed to so I could be with her in any way possible.

Rory holds the cards now.

I have to play this forbidden game with her if I have any hope of making her my end game.

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