Forbidden in the Falls by Elle Gray (epub)

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Forbidden in the Falls by Elle Gray (epub) A Sweetwater Falls Mystery Book 7

It’s all pep and pancakes in Sweetwater Falls until a home invasion goes awry.

While Ryker completes building a small dog park, Spenser can’t help but think about her past.
With her former FBI partner’s trial looming around the corner.
It seems like the darkest chapters of her life might finally see justice.

Shortly after arriving at her office, Spenser is called to the scene of a shooting.
She talks to the wife of the victim. The woman is visibly shaken up and in a state of shock and terror.
From the couple to the quiet neighborhood, nothing seems out of the ordinary.
But Spenser feels that there is more to this burglary than meets the eye.
While digging into the couple’s past looking for a possible suspect.
Spenser finds surprising twists.
There’s more to the nice couple than even the neighborhood watch could have imagined.

There’s a long list of potential culprits to the brutal crime.
From inmates to neighbors, the suspect pool of motivated individuals keeps piling up.
The case takes many bizarre turns as the truth of Spenser’s past starts to unravel.

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