Free Me by Ashley N. Rostek (epub) FREE

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Free Me by Ashley N. Rostek (epub) FREE WITSEC Book 4

I’m tired.
I’m tired of running, tired of hiding, tired of always looking over my shoulder.
Now my guys must endure this too.
The clock is still ticking in my head.
I feel him circling, getting closer and closer.
The fear I carry is nearly suffocating. Not for me, but for my guys. I know what it’s like to have your family taken from you in the most brutal of ways. I won’t lose my family again. I will do whatever it takes to protect them. Even if that means I must face the monster who has haunted my nightmares and reality and kill him myself.
Please forgive me, my Stone boys.
I must do this to free you. And…to free me.

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