Free to Fall by Tracey Jerald (epub)

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Free to Fall by Tracey Jerald (epub) Amaryllis Heritage Book 1

When an ER doctor agrees to become a temporary “nanny,” she never expected she’d plunge headfirst into a diagnosis worse than death—falling in love with the single dad who hired her.

Dr. Laura Lockwood never anticipated a time she wouldn’t live up to her nickname of “Queen Gore.” Every shift, she nobly leads her emergency room team to achieve miraculous feats. That is until the day her hospital is threatened by a man holding a grudge.

In the aftermath, Laura’s shattered. As she journeys toward personal redemption, Laura encounters Liam Payne—the older, hot father of one of the hospital victims. Liam, a man who wears Tom Ford better than a runway model, needs a caretaker for his young daughter for the summer. And his only hope is Laura.

Finding her lost bedside manner is almost instant once Laura crosses Liam’s threshold. Despite warnings coming her way, Laura’s in for the long haul now that her heart’s involved with both father and daughter. Still, Laura’s cautious about becoming love-sick because someone’s still watching and waiting to see her fail.
The only question is, will Liam return her feelings, or will Laura be the only one to fall?

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