Ghost by Bijou Hunter & Juliet Flynn (epub)

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Ghost by Bijou Hunter & Juliet Flynn (epub) Born Villains MC Book 3

Jesse “Ghost” Zurika was born ruined. His childhood destroyed whatever good in him survived his birth. These days, he rides and kills for the Born Villains Motorcycle Club. Even with people he views as family, he can’t get close. Nothing in him is suited for a woman.

Luca Elmwood suffered a devastating loss years ago. Rage alone has kept her going. She hunts evil people and saves their victims. Without this mission, she can’t survive. Trusting anyone is impossible. Falling in love would be a cruel joke.

A raid on a mutual enemy’s compound brings Ghost and Luca into each other’s lives. She has no use for the second chance offered at the Sanctuary. He can’t pretend his heart knows how to love. Yet, neither can deny the pull between them.

Continue the journey with the Born Villains Motorcycle Club as Ghost and Luca struggle to see past their pain to discover hope and rebirth.

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