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Glass Skulls by LM Terry (epub) FREE Rebel Skull MC Series Book 5

When I was a little girl, I was rescued by the president of the Rebel Skull’s daughter.

I’ll never forget the day she brought me to the warehouse. To me, it looked like a castle. I remember thinking how fortunate she was to live in such a magical place, and to have a family … a dad. I got lucky that day, because her father decided to take me in. He eventually adopted me, making Jesse and I real sisters.

I’d like to say I left that dirty, scared child back at my mom’s ratty trailer.

But she still rides with me … she’s always on the back of my bike … the back of my mind.

Maybe it’s why I did what I did.

Why I almost beat a man to death in the bathroom of a local fast-food restaurant.

I caught him peeking at a young girl.

Not just any little girl, but my archenemy’s daughter.

That’s why I was baffled when he bailed me out of jail. He hates me. But soon enough, I realized it was all part of the club’s plan to keep me out of trouble.

What’s the plan, you ask?

You’ll never believe it, but they actually expect me to marry this asshole.

I’d rather sit in prison.

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