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Graveyard by K.L. Savage (epub) Ruthless Kings MC: NOLA Book 4

Helping the sick and the defenseless is my calling, it’s why I became a doctor. My club and my career are everything. I never expected her.

She walks into my hospital with her sister in tow. She’s a rare beauty but clearly burdened with problems I can’t imagine.

Something tugs at my conscience. It’s her wild hair and piercing eyes. I know her but don’t know.

She haunts me, and I have to find out why. Given who my friends are, that’s not the most outlandish idea.

I should walk away and leave her alone. I could lose my job, not to mention bring down a new enemy on our club when we have finally found peace if I help her. If only I could remember why she’s so familiar.

I’ve never turned away from a fight and I’m not about to start now, even if it could cost me everything.

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