Guarded by the Golem by Cara Wylde (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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Guarded by the Golem by Cara Wylde (Epub PDF Audiobook) Monster Security Agency Book 1

Working for the Monster Security Agency means we stand on neutral ground. Client motives are usually not something we delve into; it’s about getting the job done as long as the payment is in place. And the gig I’m currently on seemed like a simple task at first glance.

All I had to do was keep watch outside a steel door down in a mad scientist’s basement. The specifics of what or who I was guarding were kept deliberately vague.

But one day, curiosity got the best of me. I stole a peek behind the door and was met with an unexpected sight. In the dimness of that basement corner, I saw a woman with arresting bright blue eyes. Dark hair, fair skin, streaked cheeks from tears, and her lips sealed shut with duct tape. And in that split second, something within me shifted.

I couldn’t shake the deep conviction that she was more than just someone I was hired to keep confined. She felt like… my mate. It hit me hard, and strangely enough, the payment tied to my duty didn’t matter anymore.

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