Guarding the Widow Pellingham by Sandra Sookoo (epub)


Guarding the Widow Pellingham by Sandra Sookoo (epub)
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Sandra Sookoo
May 12, 2023
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Guarding the Widow Pellingham by Sandra Sookoo (epub)Willful Winterbournes Book 4

Scandal is devastating… Graham Ashdowne—Marquess of Grantley—is gobsmacked. At the age of forty-one, he’s avoided society, but now that he’s decided to his duty to the title and the crushing reality the coffers are nearly empty, an acquaintance comes to call bearing outrageous news that has essentially upended his entire existence. Life is daunting at best and doesn’t help his stutter while in public. A distraction is most definitely needed despite the gossip dogging his footsteps.

Avoiding fun is wretchedly dull…Wealthy and independent, Mary Pellingham objects to the direction her life has taken. Widowed three years from a rather horrid marriage which she was glad to escape, she is thoroughly enjoying society but is not looking for another union. However, when a rejected suitor won’t leave her alone, she has no choice but to avoid the beau monde and accept the unlikely and quite accidental protection of an inexperienced but endearing marquess.

An accidental engagement can reverse unsavory circumstances…As Graham and Mary learn how to navigate the obstacles blocking their paths, unexpected desire flares hot, leading her to teach the shy lord a few carnal tricks, and that forced proximity leads to a surprising friendship. When the idea of romance sneaks in, the pair balks. Unless they acknowledge their feelings and give into the help of unexpected family, everything they’ve ever longed for will be lost, especially when a peer won’t take no for an answer.

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