Hard Knock Hero by Hannah Shield (epub) FREE

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Hard Knock Hero by Hannah Shield (epub) FREE Last Refuge Protectors Book 1

He’s nobody’s hero…except hers.

Out of all the diners in all the small towns, he had to walk into mine.

Aiden Shelborne has left his Army days long behind. He’s out of the warrior business. And he never meant to stop in Hartley, Colorado at all. But when trouble comes for a woman he’s just met, he finds himself stepping in.

Jessi Novo didn’t ask Aiden to play her savior. Now, with a snowstorm bearing down, she’s stuck with him. But some in Hartley have secrets worth killing for. In the battle to keep them both safe, Aiden might lose the heart he’s kept on lockdown.

When they’ve got no one else, they’ll take refuge in each other.

In this heart-racing romantic suspense, you’ll find action, a small mountain town, and a tough heroine who wasn’t looking for a hero. If you like a gruff, protective alpha, no cliffhanger, and a happily ever after, then don’t miss the first book of Last Refuge Protecters!

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