Harlem by Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez (epub)

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Harlem by Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez (epub)

I’m a cold-blooded killer.
The debt collector.
Enforcer for Fallen Ravens MC.

My roots run deep in the dark underbelly of New York. I was raised by the devil himself, groomed to kill and destined to one day rule his Empire. Until an unforgivable act of betrayal caused me to walk away from it all, vowing to never return.

I’ve created my own destiny.
I live by my own rules.
My loyalty lies with the club. Fallen Ravens blood flows through my veins.
They are my chosen family.

Sukie evokes something in me.
Something primal.
She’s a shy, beautiful woman, labeled an outcast and shunned for the sins of her mother.
I shouldn’t want her, but I do.
She’s strong but broken- too fragile for a man like me.
It only makes me want her more.

Unfortunately, no matter how deep a grave you dig, the stench of some secrets can’t be eradicated.
My old life collides with the present, and the devil himself wants me to come home and sit on the iron throne.
Two obstacles stand in his way: the woman I love and my club.
My father is threatening to destroy them both if I refuse to comply.

I don’t do ultimatums.
If the devil wants a war, he’s got one.
I’ll burn his entire Empire to the ground and pile the bodies at the gates of Hell to protect what’s mine.

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