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Harley by Belle Harper (epub) FREE Omega Chosen Book 1

The day every Pack dreams about… Omega Choosing day.

Me? I want anything but my Choosing day. It’s a web of lies. To be chosen by an Omega is a huge deal here. As if we have any say in it. We don’t even get to choose which Pack we get. We just draw a name out and then it’s a “happy ever after.”
For the Alpha’s.

But an Omega reveals the way to secure the pack of my dreams… a way to rig the draw. There’s just one catch. I need to know the name of the Pack to make it work.

I don’t know of them or even their names. Only the memory of a blue-eyed Alpha who strode into a Beta only diner days before I presented. He smelled of blueberry pancakes and… mine.

But when a huge Alpha drops over the Omega house wall, days before the Choosing. The Omega in me knows he’s my Pack. He reveals the news that my blue-eyed alpha is turning feral. The only way to stop it, is bonding me.
When I draw Pack Bentley on my Choosing day, I’m beyond happy. Little did I know we had drawn suspicion from the authorities, who now shadow our every move.

Tampering with the draw is one thing. But harbouring a feral Alpha will send them all to prison.
Lucky for me.
I love to break the rules.

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