Hateful Love by T. Ashleigh & Addison Beck (epub)

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Hateful Love by T. Ashleigh & Addison Beck (epub) Kings of Aces Book 1

I’m tired of feeling trapped in my life.
It’s just a never-ending cycle of trying to survive the day.
Luckily, I have Blaine to keep me entertained.
We’re enemies but despite him being everything I hate; I’m addicted to him and the things we do in the dark. Somehow, he’s crept his way under my skin, and I’m obsessed with the way he’s making me feel.
I don’t want to admit I’m falling for him—the golden boy—but he’s my perfect match in every way.
He gives me something I never thought I’d have and, even though we’re impossible, I won’t let anyone stand in the way of us.

My life is suffocating me.
Perfect son, star athlete, ideal student. I’m overwhelmed—unraveling at the seams.
Until Silas flips my world on its axis.
My dirty little secret.
He’s my perfect escape from reality. I can let loose and feel good for a change. He makes me feel alive for the first time.
But he’ll always be someone I despise. He’s arrogant, the epitome of a bad boy and yet the longer we do this, the harder it’s becoming to ignore my growing feelings. He’s not what I expected, but he’s exactly what I need.
And now that I’ve had him, I refuse to let him go.

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