Haven by Reese Knightley (epub)


Haven by Reese Knightley (epub)
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Reese Knightley
June 30, 2023
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Haven by Reese Knightley (epub) Operation Justice Force Book 6

For years Link and Eagle have danced around their attraction for each other, and neither one is willing to cross the line from friendship to lovers.

Link doesn’t want to lose what they have.

Eagle lets things go, following Link’s lead.

But ignoring their attraction isn’t working anymore, and one more spark ignites their mounting passion. Can they truly make the leap from best friends to lovers? They were brothers-in-arms through the military and are now co-workers—can becoming involved beyond that even work? Not to mention they are complete opposites… One man is laid back and easygoing and the other—not so much.

When one explosive encounter leaves Link pissed off and Eagle contrite, they’ll have to do some hard work to repair their rocky bond.

Mix in a bomb, drug dealers, gangs, and illegal drugs with kids involved and Link and Eagle will have a lot to focus on as they try to fix things between them and tackle their building desire.

Come along for the action-packed ride in typical Reese Knightley style as Link and Eagle kick ass on bad guys, save the day, and attempt to navigate love.

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  1. Nadiah says:

    Somewhere only we know by Anna Kobeleva

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