Hawaiian Gold by David Leadbeater FREE (epub, PDF)


Hawaiian Gold by David Leadbeater FREE
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David Leadbeater
May 23, 2023
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Hawaiian Gold by David Leadbeater FREE

When a low-level criminal stumbles across one of Hawaii’s greatest treasures, a lethal and intensely hostile hunt begins.

The criminal betrays his gang and goes on the run after telling them he knows where a fortune in gold and artefacts are buried. He’s stalked and hunted at every turn. Alicia is called to Hawaii to help her old boss, and finds herself thrust into the middle of a breakneck chase across the glorious islands, racing crazily to stay ahead of their enemy, searching for the young thief every step of the way.

With a local PI helping them, with an armed and brutal gang going up against them, between the raging sea and an erupting volcano, Alicia and her Gold Team brave deadly danger to stay one step ahead of their enemies, to locate and save an epic cultural treasure lost to humanity for centuries.

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