He Walks Among U by Christy Barritt (epub) FREE

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He Walks Among U by Christy Barritt (epub) FREE True Crime Junkies Book 2)

With a killer walking among them, no one is safe.

When the newly formed Arctic Circle Murder Club meets in Fairbanks, Alaska, to investigate the mystery of the Missing Women of Dalton Highway, their plans take a gruesome turn.

Upon the group’s arrival at the hotel, three women’s frozen bodies are pulled from the nearby river. When a friend of one of the victims pleads for help finding out who’s behind the murders, how can they say no?

The club must detour from their original plan and dive into the recesses of a killer’s mind before another victim is claimed. As they seek the truth behind the murders, opposition hits them at every turn. Shocking revelations from the past along with brimming conflict threaten to end the group just as they’ve started.

Can this group of true crime podcasters uncover someone’s dark secrets before one of their own plunges into an icy grave?

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