Heartless Monster by Rachel Leigh (epub)

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Heartless Monster by Rachel Leigh (epub) Misfits Book 1

Rome Cromwell isn’t just football royalty in our town.
He’s a heartless monster out for revenge,
And I’m the ordinary girl with his target on her back.
One year ago my knight in shining armor stepped out of the fog and rescued me.

With a simple thank you and an “I owe you one”, I was on my way.
Little did I know, that was only the start of our deranged story.
Now our parents are married and we’re living under the same roof.
Rome presents himself as a masked villain with strikingly good looks and a hypnotic appeal.
Girls want him.

His friends want to be him.
But I only want to run from him.
I see beneath his cracked facade into the heart of the beast.
He blames me for the fight that left his football career in shambles.
And he hasn’t forgotten I’m in his debt.

Now his claws are digging in so deep, I fear I won’t survive.
Rome no longer wants to save me.
He only wants to own me.
To break me.
Piece by piece by piece.

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