Heat & Deceit by Rory Miles (epub)

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Heat & Deceit by Rory Miles (epub) Omega Love

Everything I am is a lie.

To the world, I’m Carmine the beta barista, not Nova the omega who’s being hunted by her old pack.

I live my life by one rule: Blend in and be forgotten.

Then I meet my three rich bosses. For some reason they take an interest in me and it’s impossible to avoid them since we work together.

To make matters worse, they’re searching for the perfect omega to protect and cherish.

They’re everything I could ever wish for. Just as I’m finally letting my guard down, my old pack comes sniffing around and threatens to destroy everything I’ve built with these men.

When they find out I’m not who they think I am, will they still protect me or will they give me back to the pack who destroyed me?

This is a standalone OV romance.

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